• Sebastian won the Webvideo Award 2014 & 2015 & 2016 & 2017

    He´s the only one to win them four times in a row.

  • Action Sports

    Sebastian is a dedicated Skateboarder, Surfer, Snowboarder and Climber which is a big part of his inspiration.

  • Artist´s Hand

    Sebastian loves to put his life into concept and takes the role as Director, Cameraman, Writer and Editor to realise his vision completely.

  • Commercial

    Sebastian has worked for a lot of Companies like Red Bull, Saturn, Goldwell, ARD, ZDF, PRO7 and works together with film companies like Cine+ Berlin, Grete Grote, Frank Sauer and Skwirral Media.

  • Documentary

    Sebastian released two Full Length Documentaries. Trailers can to be seen in the “Documentary” category.

  • Travel

    Sebastian gets a lot of his inspiration while travelling into the unforeseen unkown. While Travelling he met the mysterious healer Mr. Elektro in Bali. You can see the Trailer in the Travel category.

  • Sebastian Linda

    Born 1984, he lives in Dresden, Germany.